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The process is totally controlled. The recipes are unique and original, made with quality ingredients. The layers of the dough are made following the tradition, checked and selected by expert pastry chefs and eliminating what does not meet the quality standard. Then the dough is individually packaged and refrigerated at least 24hrs prior to production creating a famous and unmistakable aromatic bouquet.

The shelf-life of the products is longer than the competitors, the shipping cases are designed to take up the least space as possible in the freezer. All products are easy to bake and designed to optimize labor cost. Products go directly from the freezer to the oven.

The dough is soft and fragrant. Reheated the next day, the products taste freshly baked.

The company has different product lines for every need, designed according to the occasions of consumption. Many products are versatile and can be used as both sweet and salty. The company also provides non-filled shells allowing chefs to fill with their own variety of filling.

Premium patented shapes.


Incredible price point for a premium product


Our ingredient list DOES NOT contain GMO

Kosher certified and Vegan products available


The company has a structured quality assurance process with an HACCP plan drawn up according to international standards. The Quality System is certified according to BRC standards with

grade ”AA+” and IFS with grade “Higher Level”.

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