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Alba sopra il campo di grano
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Clean label


No hydrogenated fats


No artificial colors

The first High in fiber  puff-pastry


Plant based


No artificial flavors



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Braided fruit pastry

filled with elder and red currant

  • Red currant is naturally rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins. If taken as part of a varied and balanced diet it helps to reduce the sense of tiredness and fatigue and is an excellent ally for maintaining healthy skin, bones and teeth. Is also one of the few berries that are a source of potassium. 

  • Acerola is also known as the "Cherry from Barbados or Brazil" is a super fruit with a high antioxidant power, due to Vitamin C.

  • Fragrant dough braid-shaped with elderberry, red currant and acerola filling.

  • Decorated with brown sugar, puffed rice and oat flakes.

  • High in fiber product

  • Ready to bake

  • 21% of filling


Braided chocolate pastry

filled with chocolate and oat


  • The muesli was invented in the early 1900s by a Swiss nutritionist-doctor, with the aim of preparing a healthy and complete food as it is rich in fiber and "good fats"

  • Oat flakes are a source of complex carbohydrates and fructose, which guarantee a wide availability of energy.

  • Fragrant dough braid-shaped with chocolate and muesli filling

  • Decorated with brown sugar,

        puffed rice and oat flakes

  • High in fiber product

  • Ready to bake

  • 22% of filling

High in fiber


Made with 100% clean energy

FSC certified cardboard

Fibra più contains over 6% fibers;

The wheat fiber contributes to the acceleration of intestinal transit*

*The indicated effect is obtained with a daily intake

of at least 10g of wheat fibers

Coming from our solar panels

which reduce the emission of CO2

in the environment.

The packaging is made with recycled paper, which comes from proper forest management, that imposes strict social and environmental standards.

The plant-based alternative that lives up to consumer expectations


Fibrapiù are ideal products for those who are simply looking for a greedy novelty but also for those who are attentive to the ingredients.

Each box of Fibrapiù contains:

- 36 fibrapiu products (95 grams each)

- a table tag with a QR code that carries to this page

6 out of 10 Millenials & Gen Z expect every food brand offer a plant-based option.

Image by Stanley Kustamin

SOURCE:  BC proprietary study with Qualtrics across Nov. 2021.

8 Countries (US, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland)

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