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Puff-slice 7 fruits +

a simple

and genuine recipe

Image by Matthias Weiss

Good for you and for the environment

Rich in fruit

It contains the 35% of fruit filling

(apple, apricot, peach, figs, grape,

black cherrie and pear)


Made with 100% clean energy

Coming from our solar panels

which reduce the emission of CO2

in the environment

FSC certified cardboard

The packaging is made with recycled paper, which comes from proper forest management, that imposes strict

social and environmental standards.

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Also good because...

  • Vegan, it doesn't contain eggs, milk, butter and derivatives of animal origin

  • No yeast

  • Made in Italy

  • The dough rests for more than 24 hours, as the  artisanal tradition


It's good because...​

√ apple, apricot, peach, figs, grape, black cherry and pear: useful fruits for the organism

√ Flaxseed and sesame are rich in omega3 and vitamin E

Image by Brooke Lark

Vegan breakfast
is more and more popular

not only in the openly vegan population.

The new trends speak of a healthier, richer and above all plant-based breakfast.


According to data collected by FIPE (Italian Federation of Public Exercises), 63.8% of Italians usually eat breakfast outside the home, and the proposal at the bar is diversified to meet the needs of those who, as usual, have a coffee with a "traditional" croissant who prefer something healthier.



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