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We follow the tradition

but looking to the future

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The history of G.M. Piccoli S.p.A. started in 1988 with a few ounces of flour and a lot of passion and still continues today with quality and commitment, to offer a valuable product.


The founders, Giulio, Giuseppe, Mauro Piccoli and Maria Fassi created a specialized company in frozen puffpastry products that soon the market recognized as the Italian excellence in puffpastry.


An important “engine” is the team Research and Development, which studies continuously new solutions, shapes and fillings in order to offer to the market new, creative and innovative products.


Thanks to this, G.M. Piccoli was the first company to understand the importance of creating products easily recognizable to the consumer and to patent the shapes. Behind the shape there is the substance of unique and original recipes, made with products and quality ingredients, following tradition, but looking to the future

Our President
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I founded G.M. Piccoli in 1988 with my Family. Since then, we continue working with passionate efforts, always being committed to our partners, suppliers, and distributors. Therefore, I want to thank everyone throughout the years who have been close to us and never forgot to give their appreciation and their special support. Special like our Puff-pastries, with their innovative and exclusive design, Italian excellences prepared with care, passion and selected ingredients. This is our strength, since over 30 years, we are the leading Manufacturer in the Puff-pastry Category.

Mauro Piccoli

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