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What does it mean for a company to “make more sustainable choices”?


Here is what the CEO of G.M. Piccoli - The Perla Company, Mauro Piccoli, said in a recent interview: "Especially for companies, today more than ever, it is important to reflect on the situation our planet is experiencing and decide to become an active part of the change, making choices in favor of sustainability.


Fortunately, today there are so many opportunities and every aspect of the complex production chain can be subject to "green improvements" (rather than green washing). Here is what we have concretely put in place, already starting from 2011:


The first decision was the choice to buy only "green energy" that is produced from renewable sources, so to produce the products, we use 100% renewable energy.

Green energy costs more and that is why it was a difficult decision to made. Then, however, we were proud and proud of it.

We then equipped ourselves with a photovoltaic system with which we covered the roof of the new factory.

This plant produces  a part of our energy needs and the remaining energy there we buy from renewable sources.

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We have then carried out, over the years, a series of other interventions, which have progressively improved the impact that our company has on the environment, such as:

  • Installation of a solar thermal panel to heat the water of the washing room

  • Replacement of air compressors with new machines capable of significantly reducing consumption.

  • Replacement of the heating system with a battery of small condensing boilers, which guarantee a significant reduction in waste and polluting emissions compared to the previous traditional boiler.

  • Progressive replacement of all refrigeration equipments with new ones, highly energy-efficient remote-managed systems

  • Replacement of old lighting systems with new low energy consumption LED technology projectors

  • we have replaced the air conditioning units in our departments with new engines with low emissions and reduced consumption

  • Adoption of FSC-certified packaging, that is, made with recycled paper and which comes from proper forest management that imposes strict social and environmental standards.


These are all concrete actions, investments, which the Consumer does not see when he buys our Pastries, but which he should know when he makes his choices. Because in 2022, awareness of one's actions is no longer an option, but a must ”.

SAFETY AND HEALTH At the workplace

The company protects employees, third parties and all parties involved in the value chain.


The company supports local projects that create added value and think to the future and the growth of the Community.

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