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Image by Alice Pasqual

Cereals elixir
with matcha tea

Good for you and for the environment

Clean Label

This product is good natural,

because it is made without the use of artificial colors and flavourings

Made with 100% clean energy

coming from our solar panels

which reduce the emission of CO2

in the environment

Taste Marker

In the box there is also a handy

taste marker to

embellish your showcase

a fine elixir

  • Matcha strengthens the immune system thanks to the presence of numerous antioxidants and polyphenols


  • Matcha boosts memory and concentration: it actually contains theanine, an amino acid that has the ability to reduce physical and mental stress.

  • Matcha is Detoxifying: the chlorophyll present in it is a powerful detoxifying agent that has a draining effect.

SOURCE: Kochman J, Jakubczyk K, Antoniewicz J, Mruk H, Janda K. Health Benefits and Chemical Composition of Matcha Green Tea: A Review. Molecules.

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Image by Ripley Elisabeth Brown 🧿 ៚

I love you so Matcha

Still the protagonist of the Japanese tea ceremony, it is thought that

matcha tea is a recent discovery and a trend of recent years,

but in reality its origins can be traced back much further in time.


Matcha was already present in Japan in the 12th century and, although the Japanese are identified as the true masters of this drink with an unusual look and taste, it was produced in China even earlier.

In Japan it is common to distinguish between shade tea and light tea.

Matcha tea belongs to the first category and its production takes place by progressively covering the plants and it is thanks to this passage that the leaves gradually seek out the light and therefore lengthen, remaining of a bright green colour.

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