that are the basis of its business culture:

Human and professional growth

Our success is a result of our employees. For this reason, The Perla Company focuses on the human and professional growth of its employees, offering opportunities for development and career.



Innovation is the heart of the Company. There is a R&D team, which studies in detail new solutions, forms, fillings, always trying to revolutionize the market with new and creative product ideas.

Study of the tastes of the changing consumer trends. Their constant dialog listening to their customer needs allows them to stay ahead of their competition.

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G.M. Piccoli S.p.A. and their employees are highly involved in the local communities. For this reason the Company follows ethical codes and adopt sustainable practices.

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Continuous improvement

Passion, Quality and Commitment allow the Company to offer an excellent product with an affordable price point. For this reason, maximum attention is paid to the safety of products, production, suppliers and agents. It's required honesty, transparency and excellence from all of the business partners. Similarly, the Company maintains the same commitments towards its customers, controlling every aspect of its production process and selecting each ingredient with care.

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